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The Black Rose CLub: Madam Xaviara runs the
most exclusive house of fantasy fulfillment in North
America. Invitations to her social gatherings are
coveted in every corner of the world. What lengths would
someone go to in order to discover what went on there?
And would they ever dare tell what they had learned?

The Choice: Having walked away from Adam less than
six weeks ago, Jasmine now asks for a second chance. But
is she ready for the path he is about to drag her down?

Where Is The Sting? : There's absolutely no
doubt that Cecile loves and adores Richard. Now her past
is carching up with her and she realizes that it is time
to leave.

New Project: Being very suspicious of people who
casually say "I Love You", Lona is delighted that Jordan
tends to handle a relationship the same way he would a
business negotiation.