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Toni began teasing the local boys when she was thirteen. By the age
of fourteen, she'd decided that girls were the only flavor she was
interested in. But then there was ... NO ... He was way too old and was
merely someone to stop and chat with on the way home from school.

At sixteen Toni ran away from Cooper's Lake, started using a fake ID
to pass for twenty-one, began calling herself Antoinette Rayne and
quickly established herself as a featured dancer in a strip club. She'd
made a clean getaway from that messed up little town and there was
no reason to ever go back again. And she was no longer having the
weird nightmares about the dark monsters that had been haunting her
dreams ever since she was a small child.

But after almost two years of relative peace and quiet ... Something
very powerful and sinister seems to have found Toni again.
Demon's Rayne