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+ Shipping

+ Sales Tax for any State P.U.P has an active
business presence in (Currently only Illinois)
This is how the system is designed to configure the customer's order.

If the system charges a different total (due to a system glitch or
someone managing to hack into the system and change configurations)
P.U.P. reserves the right and responsibility to take one of the
following actions.

1. Refund any overcharge.

2. Hold shipment of merchandise and inform the customer that additional
funds will be needed to make the transaction balance with the properly
computed total.

3. Refund the money to any customer who feels that he or she should not
have to pay an additional charge.

We apologize for any inconvenience that might occur. But anyone who
thinks they have a hacker proof or fool proof system will soon discover
that nature has developed a higher grade of fool or hacker.