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* Please Keep In Mind That The Shipping Cost For Only 1 Book Is The Same As For
Shipping 2. Best shipping cost is at 4 books or more.

* Please E-Mail In Advance If You Wish To Purchase More Than 10 Books. Tell Us
The Amount And Destination And We Will Quote A Complete Price.

** UPS Ground **

+ Best Option if ordering 3 books or more

+ Very Good Shipment Tracking On The UPS Web Page

+ Very Quick Turnaround In Reimbursing For Lost Packages

-- Does Not Deliver To PO Boxes

** Priority Mail ~ USPS **

+ Most Economical Option If Ordering 1 Or 2 Books

+ Will Deliver To Businesses, Residential Addresses & PO Boxes

-- If Package Becomes Misplaced During Shipment, USPS Will Hold The Customers
To A 30 Day Waiting Period (From Initial Shipment Date) Before Declaring The
Package Lost