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If many of the best jokes are based on sex ...

Why aren't erotic stories funnier?

That was the question Travis Clemmons found himself pondering back in 2001. Too much of the erotic fiction, on the book store shelves, seemed to be mass produced and incredibly dry. There was this cookie cutter mentality that seemed to mandate a ponderous system of sexual hookups between cardboard cutout characters that really weren't that interesting.

Girl A matches up with Boy B.

Boy B moves on to Girl C.

Girl C cycles back to Girl A.

And somewhere along the line ... A very degenerate High School Principal winds up banging all three of them.

Substitute Priest for High School Principal.

Substitute Corporate Executive for Priest.

Substitute Inflatable Doll for Girl C.

It started becoming apparent that there was no real difference between Naughty Nieces From Switzerland and Attack Of The Cannibalistic Dildos. Clearly, something new and innovative was needed.

So Travis made a point of locating pretty girls who could understand absurd humor. Then he wrote incredibly twisted comedy routines and his lady friends helped him perform them on stage. Then people started asking to see written stories. So he listed the mild stuff on a web magazine called Laughter Loaf and started putting his erotic short stories into trade paperbacks.

Along the way ... He won several awards, met lots of pretty girls, met and married the love of his life and started a successful company.

It's a tough life ... But someone has to live it.