Becky is a singer, a mother of three children, a
model, an actress and a truck driver (and not always
exactly in that order). She met Travis in the Autumn
of 2002 and they have been strong friends ever
since. In the spring of 2004, she began acting in
some of his productions.

The characters Travis and Becky are shown
performing are Jefferson Carruthers and Katika. The
Presentation is "12 Bells" and it is a 2 Minute Love
Story / Tragedy which was awarded the prize for
Best Dramatic Presentation.

Writing and performing "12 Bells" was a significant
turn for Travis. His mind usually dances through the
areas of song parodies or short stories based on
absurd humor but this idea about forbidden love
kept sneaking into his mind. "What if a Human Male
and an Elven Female are desperately in love but are
forbidden to marry by her family? What would be
the consequences if they went ahead and married

And then there was the task of telling the entire story
in the 2 minutes allowed by the competition. We
wish to make it totally clear that neither Travis nor
Becky is anything of a serious masochist in the
personal life. But when it comes to writing and
performing ... Let's just state for the record that the
Creative Muse is a very demanding (and sometimes
sadistic) Mistress.