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Dedicated Server: Spending the weekend as a fetish model to
earn some much needed cash, Johanna soon realizes that being
restrained in handcuffs and tight latex outfits can cause her to quickly
reach an intense state of sexual arousal. Now craving even more of
this newfound emotional bliss. the girl is informed that the photo club
has a strict policy of hiring each model only once.

A Perfect Lie: Misty has the life that many women long for. A
marvelous husband - A loving daughter who does very well in school -
A beautiful home in the suburbs. But could she be hiding a secret that
none of her neighbors would ever dream of?

Expensive Cars: The Neutrino is the newest "Top Of The Line"
luxury vehicle. Adam has expressed an interest in leasing several for
his company. And Gypsy seems perfectly willing to allow herself to be
considered as a part of the deal if it will get him to sign on the dotted

Busted: While Master's away ... The slave will play ... But what
happens when he catches her in the act? Is there any punishment
which will truly fit Martiniques's blatant disregard of the rules?